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The word Himalaya has come from “Sanskrit” and the literary meaning is the house of snows (abode of snows).Absolute Himalaya treks & expedition (P) ltd came into existence because we felt the current travel market did not offer trips to the Himalaya region of Nepal with enough care and attention given to eco-tourism. Our existence for personalize services to our Nepal, Tibet , Bhutan & India oriented clients who are interested to know Himalaya and it’s people. It is Nepal based agency with full capacity of handling all tours/treks requirements of every types of visitors, trekkers, mountaineers, researchers a very professional way. We provide adventure Himalayas specialist for your trek.

For most people their holiday is the highlight of the year. A time to rest, relax and enjoy getting every things in a package from it all. So, whether you are doing the world famous trekking in Everest region or Annapurna region or the wilder treks in off the beaten trails or sightseeing tours in world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley, Buddhist and Hindus pilgrimage sites, it is important that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We choose or appoint local guides for particular treks. So what they can make every trip as much as familiar in homely environment and the possibilities of the get benefits to local communities .Dwellers of the same areas like Sherpas for Sholukhumbu or Everest region and Tamang for Langtang and Gurung for Annapurna are the major ethnic groups of particular areas who are in our team.

We wanted to offer people to destinations where we can put something back into the communities and areas in which we bring our clients. So we have set our philosophy that “wherever we bring our clients, not only should we make a ‘zero footprint’ environmentally, but we should contribute something back to people and cultures that have given us so much pleasure“. Our team leader is Master in Business Administration and worked as government license holder tourist guide in Nepal more than 15 years, he is a well known person in the field of tourism in Nepal and very familiar all the trekking regions in Nepal and pioneer of village tourism in Nepal.

Our prices of all tours/treks are highly competitive in our market and we believe in quality services in competitive prices. Safety, of course we can not skip from our concern.

Just saying and reading will not enough , so we request you to test us. Book with confident and take our services in this Himalayan region and get the actual values of your holiday.

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