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5 most Extreme Adventure Sports in Nepal

Nepal is a country where nature and culture melt so perfectly that the blend of these fascinating factors,travelers crave to see overflows in most of the destination of Nepal. We can easily say it’s the hub of adventurous activities in the sky,mountains,water etc. As a whole we can say Nepal is the best destination for almost all kinds of  outdoor activities like trekking,rock climbing,bungee jumping,jungle safari,paragliding etc.



Nepal is one of the famous destination in the world for paragliding. Ask yourself when was the last time you marveled at the image of bird and imagined you could fly too? So it’s the best opportunity for you to enjoy the flight or see the whole world through these birds eyes. Pokhara, among all other places of Nepal sees maximum number of paragliders. The Sarangkot hill situated at the outskirt of Pokhara is considered as the best place for paragliding from where one can fly over the Fewa lake and observe the beautiful scene of Machhapuchre. You can observe lakes and rivers around the city that draws intricate pattern on land as you pave its way through hills, the alpine forest and the rural settlements. Nothing compares to the feeling of soaring freely with birds all around the sky observing one of the most amazing landscapes on the earth.


Bungee jumping:

It is another incredible adventurous sport in Nepal. Generally people prefer Bungee jumping nowadays in comparison to other sports. The most thrilling one is situated near the Tibetan border where is a bridge built on the George at the height of 160 m with the Bhotekoshi river raging below. The swing from this bridge which is free fall of nearly 100 m of 240 arch over the green hills and the fast flowing rivers gives you a kind of adrenaline rush you probably  have never experienced before. It is really an awesome experience that you had never felt before. You can also combine bungee jumping with world’s highest canyon swing to multiply the fun or to experience more about it.


Jungle safari:

Nepal is not just the adobe for grand mountains and hills. The tropical jungles of the Terai preserves the best wildlife habitat. There are 9 national parks,3 wildlife reserves,3 conservation areas and one hunting reserve spread or preserved in different ecological regions of Nepal. The wildlife of Terai region includes bigger,smaller animals and birds like Rhinos,wild elephants,deer,monkeys,along with owls,peacock,quails etc.National parks in the mountain region mainly permit jungle safari. Chitwan national park,that allows jungle safari at the back of elephant may allow you to roam all over the park and observe different exotic wildlife  including one horned rhino which is the best part of that national park. Also in other national parks one can find the facilities of jungle safari.


Rock climbing:

 As Nepal being a full of beautiful small big hills,rocks it enhances a perfect of experience of rock climbing. It is the common form of sport in Nepal. With the commercialization of rock climbing,the sport has flourished like anything. Northern region of Nepal which is full of mountains is the best place for rock climbing where one can enjoy climbing rocks in its exotic and least explored parts. Its an activity in which you will climb up or across natural rocks that will be a thrilling experience. It provides a wide range of climbing sites for beginners,intermediate and professional climbers. Furthermore it is a demanding sport that often tests a climber’s strength,agility and balance along with his or her mental control. Also Nepal provides terrific places for different travelers all over the world.



Nepal happens to be one of the richest country in freshwater bodies. Tumbling from snow-capped peaks of the great Himalayas ,the rivers provides most exciting rafting. Nepal is full of all those beautiful rivers originating from the glaciers  of the world’s largest mountain. Rafting along the rivers of the Pokhara ,Kali Gandaki ,and Upper Seti you will find a thrilling experience. With the adventure of Bhotekoshi river rafting you will also get the chance to observe the green fields terraced above river on slopes, villages and the bridges. If you feel like water in your soul, get on a Kaligandaki whitewater trip where you can commune with mighty Goddess Kali. You will be totally amazed whenever you plunge through the cascading waves and chutes of foam.



These are some of the best adventure sports that Nepal offers. Nepal provides various options for adventure lovers like Ultralight flight, Heli skiing, Everest skydiving, zip flyer, boating, fishing or hunting and canoeing etc.


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