Tibet - Absolute Himalayan Treks


In the mid of 1980s the Chinese government had opened the doors of Tibet to tourists then Kathmandu became one of the excellent point to start
Special Tibet Packages
. In the Himalayan region one who wants to more familiar the climate, culture and actual flavor of Himalaya with the roof of the world the best starting point always being Kathmandu. After spending couple of days in Kathmandu the varieties of tour programs starts from Kathmandu to awesome sights with overwhelming landscapes and extraordinary people with religious treasures of Buddhism .

The best time of year to be in Tibet is from May to the beginning of November. The vast differences in altitude in Tibet give rise to a spread of ecosystems from alpine to subtropical.


Biking Lhasa to Kathmandu Tour

Duration: 16 Days

Biking Lhasa to Kathamndu Tour is perfect for the bikers who are keen in knowing the culture and rituals of Tibetan wether it is drinking cup of buttered tea or strolling near the Barkhor Street or visiting the Tibetan family.

Mt. Kailash Tour

Only 30km from Mt Kailash is another important pilgrimage site, the beautiful and serene Lake Manasarovar.

Special Tour to Lhasa and Everest Base Camp

Duration: 14 Days

Tour to Lhasa and Everest Base Camp offers a complete vision of Shangri-la in Himalayan region. It includes the special trip of all the monasteries inside Lhasa and its surrounding cities.

A Complete Tour to Tibet

Duration: 16 Days

Lhasa and its surrounding cities and then the tour concluded by drive through many Himalayan mountain ranges, turquoise lakes and passes to Nepal boarder & at the end to capital city Kathmandu.