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Biking Lhasa to Kathmandu Tour

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Nepal and Tibet share 10 peaks between them above 8000m including the grand Mount Everest. Tibet is also known as the Roof of the World with its average elevation of 4,000m. Tibet and Nepal have shared collateral ties for centuries and what is still fascinating is the exchange of culture and trade among 2 Himalayan regions have remained virtually unchanged over all this time. The bike tour will provide bikers with the best of both worlds. As we ride on the muddy and rocky trial between arid and lush hills, there will be beautiful peaks dominating the skyline keeping us company.

We will have beautiful views of the Mount Everest, Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Makalu, Mt Manaslu and Mt Choyo which are all above 8000m height. Along with these towering peaks we will also have stunning views of other equally gratifying mountains, pristine lakes and dwindling white rivers.

Another highlight of the bike tour will be the riders will be able to see the unique lifestyle of the people of the Himalayans. The Nepalese and Tibetans have intermingled for centuries and the exchange of trade; marriages between the two regions are fascinating to see. We will get insight into the lives of these Himalayan people and how they have sustained in the harshest of terrains.

Lhasa and Kathmandu are the cultural hubs and capitals of the respective regions. Although the two cities are separated by highest of mountains the two cities have had collateral ties for centuries which is proved by the uncannily similar Mahayana and Bajrayana Buddhism that is practiced in both these places.

After the completion of sightseeing in Kathmandu we will take a flight to Lhasa and continue sightseeing in the Tibetan capital. The bike journey will begin from Kamba La  Base Camp in Tibet at elevation of 3,700m. after crossing the mountain pass we will ride towards the pristine and beautiful lake of Yamdrik at 4,490m elevation. From the lake we will ride along the uphill trial to reach Karo La Base Camo (4,750m) riding through a ravine.  We will also cycle along the beautifu; Tsangpo River. From there we will ride down the descending trial to reach Gyantse at 3,980m and early in the morning also climb the Karo Pass at 5.010m that will reward us with beautiful views of peaks, glaciers and lakes at 6000m altitude and above. In Gyantse we will visit the Palkhor Monastery as well.  The final destination in Lhasa will be Rongbuk Monastery at 5,150m elevation. From there we will ride to the majestic Everest base camp in Nepal.  We will use the route of Tinrei and also cross Lalung La Pass at 4,490m. we will ride to the beautiful Newari settlement of Dhulilhel via Thang Pass and Zhang Mu. From Dhulikhel, Kathmandu is only 2 hours away in a bus.

Spring (April and May), autumn (September, October and November), and summer ((June, July and August) are the most suitable time to arrange a trip.


Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive in TIA, Kathmandu and flight to Lhasa,

Day 02: Acclimatize and test the bike

Day 03: Bike to Drepong Monastery and go for shopping

Day 04: Bike to Kampa La Pass (3,700m) camp

Day 05: Bike to Lake Yamdruk (4,490m) camp

Day 06: Bike to Karo Pass (4,750m) camp

Day 07: Bike to Gyantse (3,950m)  hotel

Day 08: Bike to Shigatse (3,860m) hotel

Day 09: Bike to Gyachung Monastery (4,100m) camp

Day 10: Bike to Tsola Pass (4,500m) camp

Day 11: Bike to Gyatso La Pass (5,220m) hotel

Day 12: Bike to Oldtingri (4,340m) via Shegar camping

Day 13: Bike to Lalung Pass (4,990m) camping

Day 14: Cross Thang Pass to Nyalam guest house

Day 15: Arrive at Zhangmu (2,300m)

Day 16: Sukhe Tar to Kathmandu

Day 17: Departure!!!!

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