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Nepal, a tiny nation in the globe can be remembered for several things especially when you are thinking for encountering Adventure Tour. The rugged setting, wilderness nature and balance eco-system has helped Nepal as the land of magic where everything can be proceed. In terms of other developed nations they have to craft artificial destination to begin the adventure trips but Nepal trekking will contribute to achieve numerous activities visiting tourist places in Nepal. Adventure tour package will make you pleased and delighted adventure tours. After setting into travel adventure destinations will unlock the prospect of Rafting, Mountain biking, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping and jungle Safari.

Rafting in Nepal has gained its popularity as White River Rating. Nepal, being the second richest nation you can find several smooth rivers which are designed for rafting. Here, rafters can prefer the river for rafting seeing their interest and capability. Easy rafting in Nepal to tricky rafting have designed Nepal as the best rating spots to carry out adventure tour as several rafting package in Nepal. Trishuli River, Seti River, Bhote Koshi River, Kali Gandaki River, Marshyangdi River, Sun Koshi River and Arun River can be used for rafting and Kayaking.
Mountain Biking is another scope promoting Adventure Tour in Nepal. You might be familiar with the rugged and far flung trails of Nepal which are unknowingly opening an area for Mountain Biking. Taking upward and downward on the zigzag trails, seeing the dense forests, lifestyle of people and elevated mountains is the best way to ensue Adventure Tour.

Flying on the sky akin a bird is out of the worldly things. If you are also interested in flying on the cloud and look the elevated mountains, Paragliding can be the ultimate option. Hovering with the professional pilot will give you notable experience. So, you can count it as an adventurous action.

In the entire globe you can find countless destinations designed for Bungee Jumping but if you once been here for Bungee you will forget other destinations. The natural setting where Bungee is executed itself defines the features of thrilling. Jumping over 160 meter above the Bhote Koshi River is considered as breathtaking deeds. The bungee price is reasonable and is completely safe to jump and swing.
The southern belt of beautiful Nepal is perfect for jungle Safari and you can try out Bird Watching, Village walk, Elephant Center, Elephant ride, Canoeing in River Rapti, Jeep drive, Visit to Gharial Hatchery Farm and Cultural program.

Note: The above listed activities are some of the packages listed for Adventure Tours and its itinerary can be set as per your convenience. Therefore, please contact Absolute Himalaya Treks and Expedition as soon as possible as those exciting actions are seeing your way

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