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Around Nepal Tour

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The beautiful country of Nepal is small geographically but is a world in itself. Nestled in the lap of Himalayans, Nepal has always been a subject of fascination to the foreigners as the country was secluded from the world until the 1950s.

Nepal tour will begin with a tour of the beautiful Kathmandu valley. The valley was divided into 3 kingdoms during the medieval period. There was fierce competition among the 3 kingdoms to outdo each other. Thus, history has embodied us with beautiful architecture, intricately built wooden palaces and courtyard, and countless beautiful shrines and stupas.

We will begin the tour with visit of these durbar squares which are listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites.  There are total 7 world heritage sites in the small valley of Kathmandu. We will also visit the Pashupati Nath temple, Swayambhu Nath temple, Boudha Nath temple  and the oldest temple in the  valley Changu Narayan temple, which are all world heritage sites. A visit to these sites wil transport you back to medieval times as the culture and tradition of the historic Newari settlements, the predominant inhabitants of the valley have changed a little over the centuries. We will visit all these sites which are only few minutes’ long drive from the city center in span of 2 days.

We will go for rafting in the Bhotekoshi river, situated in Tatopani which borders Tibet to north. To jump off from the high suspension bridge towards the dwindling and fierce white water river in one of country’s deepst gorges is truly an adrenaline-pumping experience to cherish for a lifetime.

From Kathmandu we will head towards Chitwan which lies in the lowland Terai region of Nepal. in the tropical forests. While in Chitwan, we will visit the most famous national park of the country, Chitwan National Park which is also included in world heritage sites. Here we can indulge in activities like bird watching as the region houses more than 400 species of exotic birds. We can also enjoy water canoeing in the serene Rapti river and watch the Ghariyal crocodiles in its bank. The region is home to a quarter of the endangered species’ population. We will go for a jungle safari in a jeep or ride on an elephant to elevate the experience. We can have sightings of endangered Royal Bengal Tiger, almost extinct one-horned rhino and other equally exotic floras and faunas. We will also attend the Tharu cultural event to see the traditional tribal dance of the region’s indigenous ethnic group.

From there we will also visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Budhha. The site is historically and religiously significant to both Hindus and Buddhists. There are numerous monuments stupas built by different nations to pay their homage to Lord Buddha. We will visit the site of the ruins which was once the prosperous kingdom of Shakyamuni kings.

The tour package can be customized as per the requests of our clients. We can add or remove any place to your convenience.

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