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Trek in Nepal

Trekking has its own space among the lives of people whether it can be short or extensive but everyone wish to long for vacation. With that though of trekking one can come across countless destinations seeing the social, economic and psychological state. From each perspective Nepal is stated as the perfect destination with the potential of best trekking in Nepal. Being the abode of lofty and massive Mount Everest with an elevation of 8,848 meter with other giant peaks, mountaineers can plan peak climbing in Nepal. Trek in Nepal Himalayas cannot be counted in limited points as it is acknowledged as the secretive destination with natural sweetness.


Trek in Nepal lonely planet will bring all those hypnotizing vistas, spiritual Himalayas, serene rivers and natural diversity. This shows that Nepal, is the store house of every beautiful and striking charm looked by the visitors, trekkers and mountaineers. There you will not acquire monotonous geographical that means it will make you experience peak climbing, hiking, rafting and many more thrilling activities. Likewise, one can experience either tea house or tented camp during your stay. Tea house or lodge trek will bridge amid you and the native people where you can study their traditions, lifestyles and several things but in tented camp you will seize an opportunity of being close to the wilderness of nature where you will lay down on the lap of nature making sky as your blanket. Trekking in Nepal facilitates to explore about yourself and make you comprehend how far-off you have gone from your root (humanity).


Absolute Himalaya Treks and Expedition has used Trekking in Nepal as the mode to highlights the exoticness of Nepal. Nepal, although being a small nation it is equipped with numerous attractions which is enough to lure the people around the around. In additional, trekking in Nepal can be proceed along with your families, couples group or individual. We are ready to package the trip as education, volunteer, adventurous as per your interest. So, remember us whenever you feel like you need a break.